List of Publications

Publicly available computer programs

Ikaros: I have been a member of the leading group of the Ikaros development since 2004. Ikaros is an infrastructure for system level brain models and robot control. It was initiated by Christian Balkenius and Jan Morén in early 2001 and now represents contributions from more than 25 people around the world. As of 2008-05-26, it had been downloaded 1700 times and cited in over 35 scientific publications. The complete system as well as full documentation is available at

Conference presentations

Presentation and discussion of current research with the Stanford Robot group, 2009, Stanford, USA

Presentation of the paper “Prediction Time in Anticipatory System”, 2008, ABiALS, Munich, Germany.

Presentation of the paper “Learning to Anticipate the Movements of Intermittently Occluded Objects”, 2008, EpiRob, Brighton, United Kingdom.

Presentation of the paper “An Experimental Study of Anticipation in Simple Robot Navigation”, 2007, ABiALS, Rome, Italy.

Popular-scientific articles/presentations

Short presentation and demonstration at the Official Launch of the Centre for Quantum Computation and Intelligent Systems (QCIS) for visitors, including Professor Mary O'Kane, NSW Chief Scientist and Scientific Engineer.

Presentation and robot demonstration at UTS Information Day. The purpose of the UTS Information Day is to introduce new students to the research conducted at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

Presentation and robot demonstration at the U@UTS Day. The purpose of U@UTS Day is to give students an insight into university life, and encourage them to consider university education as a viable option after completion of Year 12. 2009, Sydney, Australia.

Public robot demonstration at the Power House Museum, Australia's largest and very popular museum, with a unique and diverse collection of 385,000 objects spanning history, science, technology, design, industry, decorative arts, music, transport and space exploration. 2009, Sydney, Australia.

Public dissertation defense, 2009, Title "Anticipation and Attention in Robot Control", Kungshuset, Lundgård, Sweden.

Yearly presentations and demonstrations for new students, 2006-2009, Lund, Sweden.

Article about my research in local news paper "Lokaltidningen", 2006, Lund, Sweden.