I am a researcher in Cognitive Robotics at Lund University Cognitive Science's Robotics Group. My main interests are robots, child development and anticipatory behaviours.

Currently, I am working at the Uppsala Child and Baby lab together with Professor Gustaf Gredebäck and Christine Fawcett.

In 2011-2014, I was involved in the European project Goal-Leaders. Prior to this, I worked for a year (2009-2010) in the full time research position of Senior Research Associate on the Australian Research Council funded project “Planning, Communication, and Collaboration in Cognitive Systems: A Constructive Approach”, at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). This research was undertaken at the Innovation and Enterprise (Magic) Lab in the centre of Quantum Computation & Intelligent Systems at UTS, where I met some wonderful people.

My PhD thesis was about anticipatory behaviours with a special interest in modeling anticipation. During my PhD studies, I developed the AARC (Attention and Anticipation in Robot Control) architecture. The AARC can be used in both simulation and for robots experiments. In the experiments, six autonomous robots are use internal models to compensate for the latency within the system. These models usually  run one second ahead of the real world. Also, each robot anticipates the movement of the others by extrapolation.

I have previously been a participant of the European project MIND Races where we have studied the importance of anticipatory behaviours. I am also interested in machine learning, vision, planning and anticipation in navigation and goal directed behaviours.